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Dr. Joseph Brodie and Rutgers University Colleagues Publish Wind Forecasting Model Research

Dr. Joseph Brodie from AKRF and Feng Ye, Dr. Travis Miles, and Dr. Ahmed Aziz Ezzat from Rutgers University published “AIRU-WRF: A physics-guided spatio-temporal wind forecasting model and its application to the U.S. Mid Atlantic offshore wind energy areas” in Renewable Energy. As the reliable integration of wind energy into modern-day electricity systems heavily relies on accurate short-term wind forecasts, the researchers propose a spatio-temporal model called AIRU-WRF (AI-powered Rutgers University Weather Research & Forecasting) that combines numerical weather predictions with local observations via machine learning to make short-term wind speed forecasts that are of high resolution.

Photo by Jesse De Meulenaere on Unsplash