Urban Waterfront and Coastal Structure Development

AKRF’s range of capabilities covers the entire life-cycle of a waterfront facility—from site studies and planning through design and construction, and finally through maintenance and demolition.

Our engineers have many years of experience providing planning and design services for waterfront and coastal facilities. We have a detailed understanding of the effects of exposure to the local environment, the most effective construction methods and materials, and the challenges that must be overcome during the design and construction process.

Increasingly, the waterfront has become a central element in the life of city and coastal residents, providing valuable opportunities for recreational, residential, and mixed-use development. AKRF’s experience allows us to offer our clients cost-effective and lasting solutions to design challenges for any waterfront design, upgrade, or modification.

The scope of our services includes:

  • Waterfront planning and design
  • Civil, structural, and geotechnical engineering
  • Coastal protection and resiliency
  • Permitting and regulatory services, including mitigation design and habitat restoration
  • Construction Cost Estimating
  • Construction Administration