Real Estate Development

AKRF effectively guides our clients through the complex process of real estate development, from New York City to points north and south, and from big cities to small towns.

The process of private real estate development can be described as moving through a labyrinth where each junction poses a challenge on the path to eventual success.  Because of our experience at all stages of the development and impact assessment process, AKRF enters not only with a clear map of the proper paths, but also an excellent understanding of what to do should the rules change mid-course.

And because AKRF offers integrated planning, environmental, and engineering services we can streamline the due diligence, design, permitting, and construction process to ensure successful implementation of project plans, no matter what the scale.

Our project experience includes:

  • Retail Centers – IKEA Brooklyn, Home Depot (multiple locations), Green Acres Mall (Long Island, NY)
  • Commercial/Office – One Bryant Park , World Trade Center redevelopment, Time Warner Center (New York, NY)
  • Residential – Riverside South (New York, NY), Battery Park City (New York, NY), Tuxedo Reserve (Orange County, NY).