Town of Southeast Planning Services

Since 1998, AKRF has served as planning consultant to the Town of Southeast in Putnam County, NY, providing site planning and environmental review services, and coordinating development approvals among the Town’s reviewing boards. AKRF also assists the Town and Planning Boards in complying with SEQRA, and has led reviews of several major development projects, including: Commercial Campus at Fields Corner (a ≈930,000 square foot logistics center), Stateline Retail Center and new Restaurant Depot, and the expansion of Ace Endico at Terravest Corporate Park.

Additionally, AKRF has worked with the Planning and Town Boards to update Town zoning regulations for a variety of special permit uses (home based occupations, farmers markets, indoor shooting ranges, recreational businesses), historic resource protections, architecture and design guidelines, local environmental regulations (stormwater management and wetlands), and the development review processes.

In 2014, AKRF facilitated an update of the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, which AKRF previously prepared in 2002. We analyzed the existing zoning and provided extensive recommendations to modernize the Code. Several of these initiatives were implemented in 2015, including the creation of a new Special Route 6 Zoning District between the Village of Brewster, NY, and the City of Danbury, CT, to stimulate commercial development in this corridor. Most recently, AKRF worked with the Town to update the Route 22 Master Plan and corresponding zoning regulations to further economic development and beautification of this important corridor.

Official zoning map of the Town of Southeast adopted by the Town Board by Local Law No. 7 of 2015 on August 20, 2015.


AKRF also prepared the 2002 Comprehensive Plan and 2014 Comprehensive Plan Update for Southeast.

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