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Governors Island Redevelopment


Governors Island Redevelopment


New York, NY


The Trust for Governors Island

In 2006, the Governors Island Preservation and Education Corporation (GIPEC) selected a team led by AKRF to provide environmental consulting services as part of the proposed revitalization of 150 acres on an island in the heart of New York Harbor. An active military base for about 200 years ending in 1996, Governors Island has been transformed with world-class parks and open spaces and active new uses in a number of the historic buildings on the North Island while certain areas of the South Island have been set aside for future mixed-use development.

AKRF’s work began with an environmental assessment for an enhanced public access program, which opened the South Island to public use and brought the New York Harbor School and artists’ studios to historic buildings. The program also included demolition of non-historic buildings to expand open space and create future development areas.

GIPEC became The Trust for Governors Island (The Trust) in 2010 when New York City assumed primary responsibility for the island. AKRF’s involvement continued with preparation of a Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) for the Phased Redevelopment of Governors Island, including open space improvements to the Historic District on the North Island, the first phase of the Park and Public Space Master Plan, and infrastructure improvements. The Final GEIS was completed in 2011.

As part of the West 8 landscape design team for the Park and Public Space, AKRF provided engineering design, permitting and construction oversight for the water supply, sanitary, and storm water infrastructure systems.

In 2013, AKRF assisted The Trust with BluePrint and the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) for creation of the Special Governors Island District (2013) to allow commercial uses compatible with the island’s recreational, cultural, and educational purposes. At the same time, AKRF prepared the Supplemental GEIS for the North Island Retenanting and Park and Public Space Master Plan, including creation of the Special Governors Island District, reuse of the historic buildings, and full development of the Park and Public Space Master Plan.

Both GEISs examined a full range of potential environmental issues and both considered the cumulative effects of full development of the island, including the areas set aside for future mixed-use development.


Environmental Impact Assessment Overview