Tuxedo Reserve Strengthens the Small Town Fabric

Tuxedo Reserve


Tuxedo Reserve


Orange and Rockland Counties, NY


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AKRF prepared extensive environmental documentation under New York State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA) for the planned integrated development of the 2,300-acre Tuxedo Reserve, a new community in the Town of Tuxedo, NY.

The planning approach for Tuxedo Reserve has consistently been to adapt the quality of life features of small-town America to a contemporary community, all within an environment that is respectful of the natural resources that exist on the site.

The conservation-oriented master plan concept will provide compact residential neighborhoods with more than 1,000 residential units as well as a walkable neighborhood center with retail and commercial, recreational, and community amenity uses.

The neighborhoods will be clustered to preserve three-quarters of the site as natural conservation areas that protect wetlands, floodplains, waterbodies, steep slopes, mature woodlands, and critical wildlife habitat.

AKRF prepared a Draft Generic Environmental Impact Statement (DGEIS), a Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (DSEIS), a Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS), and Statement of Findings for the project. Recent modifications to the project program required further SEQRA analysis and the firm prepared a Technical Memorandum including supplemental fiscal and recreation demand analyses. 

Environmental Impact Assessment Overview