New Food Processing and Distribution Facility

Frozen Food Facility


Frozen Food Facility


Goshen, NY



AKRF assisted a prominent producer of vegetarian foods by providing geotechnical engineering services for their new manufacturing facility and warehouse in Goshen, NY.

Located within the Wallkill River Valley, the new development includes a new, approximately 380,000-square-foot warehouse structure, access roads, porous paved parking areas, stormwater detention basins, and a vehicular bridge crossing the Wallkill River.

AKRF’s services included review of historic land use and geologic maps. Our historical research indicated that the site was conceivably stripped in the past and possibly linked to filling activity in an adjacent landfill.

Upon completing our desk study, AKRF planned and implemented a preliminary subsurface exploration program. AKRF used GIS software to establish proposed boring coordinates and utilized GPS equipment to locate borings in the field. An AKRF geotechnical engineer provided full-time Special Inspection of the exploration.

Upon the completion of the program, AKRF prepared a preliminary geotechnical engineering report, which included foundation recommendations and assisted the client with evaluation of the site’s feasibility. Our report included recommendations for the design and construction of new shallow foundations, and recommendations for additional soil exploration.

Our geotechnical engineering services for this project included:

  • Historic land use review
  • Subsurface exploration
  • Foundation analysis and design 

Geotechnical Engineering Overview