Combined Geotechnical and Environmental Exploration for New Medical Center

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Regional Center


Memorial Sloan-Kettering Regional Center


Uniondale, NY


Memorial Sloan-Kettering

AKRF provided geotechnical engineering and environmental services for Memorial Sloan-Kettering Regional Center. The Center will include a new two-story medical building and five-story parking garage within the former property of the Nassau Coliseum in Uniondale, NY.

AKRF’s combined geotechnical and environmental subsurface exploration included borings to determine the soil and groundwater conditions at the site. Our team collected geotechnical soil samples at all borings; environmental soil samples were taken at selected borings. In addition, we installed groundwater observation wells on site to determine the groundwater depth and to collect groundwater samples for environmental laboratory analysis. The environmental work also included the installation of vapor points at key locations at the site.

Upon the completion of field work, AKRF provided a geotechnical engineering report and a subsurface (Phase II) investigation report. The geotechnical engineering report included recommendations for the design and construction of a shallow foundation consisting of spread footings for the medical building and parking garage.

Geotechnical Engineering Overview