Sargent and Lundy GIS Site Selection Analysis in Iowa

Sargent and Lundy GIS Site Selection Analysis


Sargent and Lundy GIS Site Selection Analysis


Various Locations, Iowa


Sargent & Lundy

AKRF performed a site evaluation study for Sargent and Lundy (S&L) of potential energy facility sites in Iowa.

To conduct the study, AKRF GIS specialists compiled and integrated geospatial data from disparate sources for the study area and surrounding states. AKRF then developed and applied exclusionary and preference criteria to screen out areas inappropriate for industrial development and highlighting areas near attractive features.

The geospatial database developed for the project included environmental, hydrologic, topographic, transportation, infrastructure, demographic, cultural/historic, community facility, geological and land use datasets, and aerial photography, combined and symbolized legibly on more than 75 large-format maps.

After S&L identified candidate sites utilizing the collected data, AKRF tabulated the potential impacts on several natural resources and regulatory areas including wetlands, floodplains, farmland, waterbodies and environmental justice communities.

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Overview