Landscape Restoration for Former Manufactured Gas Plant Site

Halesite Remediation and Landscape Restoration


Halesite Remediation and Landscape Restoration


Huntington, NY


Creamer Environmental Inc.

AKRF’s landscape designers worked alongside our remediation professionals and civil engineers to design and manage a remediation project at the site of the former Halesite manufactured gas plant in Huntington, New York.

This challenging project site, situated at a sensitive location at the southernmost tip of Huntington Harbor, is characterized by steep slopes and was blanketed by invasive overgrowth.  The high visibility of the project’s location required special consideration of the aesthetic quality of the landscape restoration plan.

The post remediation planting plan was designed to stabilize the steep slope with vegetation native to Long Island’s North Shore and to allow access required for future monitoring.

AKRF’s multi-disciplinary team developed the remedial design and construction documentation, and monitored the construction process including landscape installation. 

Landscape Planning & Design Overview