Promoting Discussion About Emergency Planning in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic Region

Regional Waterways Analysis, Regional Catastrophic Planning Team


Regional Waterways Analysis, Regional Catastrophic Planning Team


Various Locations, NY and NJ


New York City Office of Emergency Management (NYCOEM); Regional Catastrophic Team (RCPT)

AKRF provided public outreach services for the NY-NJ-CT-PA Regional Catastrophic Planning Team (RCPT), alongside the firm’s regional waterway analysis for RCPT and the New York City Office of Emergency Management (NYCOEM).

This outreach work was part of a planning effort to determine how essential goods and services could be transported to and within the region (via rail, highway, air, or ports) in the event of an emergency.

AKRF produced logos for each of RCPT’s ten Regional Disaster Plans (e.g., Housing, Evacuation, Mass Fatality) and designed related branding materials.

AKRF also edits and designs a semi-monthly newsletter, “Catastrophic Response,” which is intended to promote discussion among stakeholders interested and/or involved in the disaster management community, while covering current trends, common themes, ongoing activities, and upcoming events in the region.

The firm’s waterway regional analysis included site visits to primary and secondary maritime terminals, interviews with operations personnel and senior management, and the completion of infrastructure facility reports. Through these efforts, we obtained information regarding cargo operations, facility access, freight movement, safety and security, and site communications.

AKRF conducted site visits and interviews and prepared final reports for 13 facilities within the New York-New Jersey metropolitan region.

Pictured below are AKRF-created newsletter and other branding elements for RPCT:

Project RPCT illustration

Public Outreach Overview