Assessing the Site for the New Whitney Museum

Whitney Museum of American Art—Gansevoort Facility


Whitney Museum of American Art—Gansevoort Facility


New York, NY


Whitney Museum

AKRF has provided various consulting services in support of the Whitney Museum of American Art’s long-term planning requirements.

The Whitney Museum's new facility in the Gansevoort neighborhood of Manhattan opened in May 2015. AKRF assisted the Whitney Museum with navigating the (E) designation program through the Mayor’s Office of Environmental Remediation (OER), including preparing a Phase I ESA, conducting several Subsurface (Phase II) Investigations, and preparing and implementing an OER-approved Remedial Action Plan (RAP) for the construction project.

Environmental work at the site also included mitigating a petroleum spill discovered during site excavation activities and coordinating all remedial efforts with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (NYSDEC) Department of Environmental Remediation (DER).

Without any delay to the construction schedule, the Whitney Museum received all necessary approvals from OER in time for obtaining the necessary building permits from the DOB.

During construction, it was discovered that the spill was related to a release from a 3,000-gallon heating oil tank. AKRF coordinated remedial activities in conjunction with the NYSDEC, including the removal of the tank and approximately 16,000 tons of petroleum contaminated soil from the site and subsequent confirmatory soil and groundwater sampling.

Groundwater remediation and monitoring is ongoing. AKRF is coordinating with OER to ensure that the Whitney can promptly obtain a occupancy permits from the DOB.

During the environmental review of the Whitney Museum’s proposed new facilities, AKRF completed transportation surveys, traffic counts, attendance projections, visual impact and shadow studies, economic benefit studies, and two Environmental Assessment Statements (EASs).

Pictured below, left: Former New York City meat-packing facility and future home of the Whitney Museum of Art. Right: Site during construction phase of project.

Whitney Museum Gansevoort illustration

Site Assessment & Remediation Overview