Cross Harbor Freight Movement

The long-planned Cross Harbor Freight Program will improve the movement of goods across New York Harbor and reduce truck congestion, improve air quality, and enhance freight network reliability in the process. As part of a joint venture working for the Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, AKRF led the preparation of a large-scale, multi-phase Tier I Environmental Impact Statement pursuant to NEPA that analyzed 10 build alternatives: five waterborne alternatives and five freight rail tunnel alternatives. The Federal Highway Administration issued a Record of Decision for the Tier 1 EIS in 2016. We are now preparing the Tier II EIS in joint venture to closely examine two preferred options: the construction of a cross-harbor freight tunnel and an expansion of the Port Authority’s existing railcar float operation.

View of Greenville Yard across New York Harbor

Dedicated freight line in the heart of Brooklyn

In Their Words

“The Cross Harbor Rail Freight Tunnel project … will change the way we move goods throughout our region for the better, with economic, environmental, health, safety and cost saving benefits for millions of people.” Jerrold Nadler, U.S. Congressman

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