FuelCell Energy Facility Development

Converting the chemical energy of an electrochemical cell from a fuel into electricity is proven to deliver clean solutions for the storage and supply of energy. AKRF provided environmental permitting and consulting services to FuelCell Energy for three utility-scale fuel cell projects in Suffolk County, Long Island, totaling nearly 40 megawatts of energy capacity. Our firm completed a variety of environmental analyses and prepared required permit applications pursuant to municipal, county, and state requirements to meet the project’s fast-track development schedule, including Phase I Environmental Site Assessments, SEQRA documentation, and the review of site plan application drawings and Special Use Permit applications. We are also prepared an application for the NYSDEC SPDES Permit, including the development of a stormwater best management practices plan for construction activities.

(Images courtesy of FuelCell Energy, Inc., Danbury, CT)


These three utility-scale fuel cell projects on Long Island will total nearly 40 megawatts of energy capacity. 

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