Design Services for the Reconstruction of Brooklyn’s Bergen Avenue

Bergen Avenue Reconstruction


Bergen Avenue Reconstruction


Brooklyn, NY


New York City Department of Design and Construction

AKRF is providing final design services, including sewer and water main work, for the reconstruction of the Bergen Avenue area of Brooklyn, NY.

Roadway and utility infrastructure has significantly deteriorated in the area, which has an undersized or missing stormwater drainage network and several instances of poor pavement condition, narrow or non-existent sidewalks, and missing or broken curbs. Stormwater runoff from the area currently flows, untreated, to Paedergat Basin and Jamaica Bay, precious natural resources and recreation areas for New York City.

AKRF’s engineers are working to address fundamental issues by reconstructing the roadway and installing and upgrading 14,000 linear feet of sewers and 9,700 linear feet of water main, which include design of one sewer outfall structure and 19 storm sewer chambers, as well as improving vehicular and pedestrian safety by incorporating curb bulb-outs while integrating stormwater management best management practices (BMPs) and green infrastructure.

Design efforts have involved extensive coordination with the New York City Departments of Transportation (NYCDOT), Environmental Protection (NYCDEP), Design + Construction (NYCDDC), and Parks and Recreation (NYCDPR) to meet the requests and requirements of each agency for an optimized and cohesive capital reconstruction plan and design for the expansive area.

AKRF’s services for this project include:

  • Final design for roadway reconstruction
  • Streetscape and green streets design
  • New watermain, storm sewers and chambers, and outfall (including permitting)
  • Traffic study and Preliminary Design Investigation (PDI)
  • Hydraulic study/modeling
  • Implementation of green infrastructure/bioswales
  • Extensive agency coordination
  • Environmental permitting
  • Construction monitoring and inspection services

Site/Civil Engineering Overview