Youngstown Citywide Green Infrastructure Plan

A public-private partnership of Greenprint Partners and the City of Youngstown, Ohio, are developing a green stormwater infrastructure master plan to reduce combined sewer overflows through environmental responsibility and social equity. AKRF is assessing citywide green stormwater infrastructure project opportunities to mitigate future CSO events and using sewer flow monitoring and hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to evaluate the potential for green stormwater infrastructure projects to reduce the cost of planned municipal investments in grey infrastructure. The project includes analysis and screening of three major areas: the Mill Creek sewershed; neighborhoods with action plans for economic revitalization; and commercial and downtown corridors. Selection and prioritization of potential GSI project sites includes analysis of GSI data to identify opportunities to provide co-benefits such as improved health outcomes, crime reduction, neighborhood redevelopment, and flood reduction. AKRF is also participating in stakeholder and community engagement.

Pocket Park plan

Pocket Park perspective drawing

In Their Words

“We’ve been inspired by individuals stepping up to join our Youngstown Green Infrastructure Action Team and by the level of local engagement.” – April Mendez, Greenprint Partners Vice President

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